In-Flight Sales Training






General Information:

In-Flight Sales Training course is to give knowledge and train skills needed to increase / maximize onboard sales revenues.


To give the Cabin Crew members knowledge and skills to increase sales turnover without compromising their job satisfaction.

Training programm

  1. Onboard sales – direct sales method. Pros and cons
  2. Good communication skills and empathy – basics of success of onboard sales
  3. Factors that turn Flight Attendant into a sales professional
  4. Self motivation and importance of right attitude
  5. Selling tools
  6. Sales model:
    • Establish relationship
    • Identify needs
    • Advice solution
    • Offer support
    • Close the deal
  7. Negotiations with passenger
  8. Effective questioning
  9. Complaint prevention
  10. Selling to different types of passengers
  11. Increase of sales through cultural difference awareness
  12. Relaying of general concepts of flying and onboard sales for the purpose of increasing turnover 
  13. Emotional Intelligence at sales
  14. Practical trainings and exercises for each topic

Total duration: 24 hours

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In-Flight Sales Training