Start date

March 18, 2019


10 days


660 EUR



Become a Flight Attendant


Objectives of the course

Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training course is to acquire the expertise and knowledge of the field required to qualify as a cabin crew member.

Note. The course does not contain any specific aircraft type related items.

Initial Cabin Crew Training Course is developed in accordance with EU-OPS 1.1005/ 1.1010/ 1.1015/1.1025 (EEC No 3922/91, Annex III) and ICAO Doc 7192, Part E-1 requirements.

The course covers theoretical and practical “hands on” training on equipment with mixed classroom and mock up (Multi Purpose Cabin Trainer) sessions, including fire fighting, smoke and evacuation scenarios by qualified instructors.


Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training course expected duration is 72 hours (9 - 14 days ), or by special agreements.



Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training course shall be completed by trainee if not previously qualified as a Cabin Crew and is not a holder of Cabin Crew Initial Safety Attestation.

Course prerequisites

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Willingness to work in customer service field and  positive attitude
  • Fluent English
  • Excellent level of health and ability to swim


The Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training

Course content:

  • Presentation & Introduction
  • Discipline and Responsibilities
  • Passenger Handling
  • Dangerous Goods training
  • Security training
  • Medical aspects and First Aid
  • Survival training
  • Water Survival
  • Fire and Smoke training
  • Crew Resource Management and Human Factor
  • Communication
  • Being accepted to the course signifies the fact that you are considered suitable for possible employment as Cabin Crew but the graduates are not guaranteed a job in the end of the course.

Course dates

May 21, 2018 Closed
November 05, 2018 Closed
March 18, 2019 Open


Become a Flight Attendant