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March 03, 2020


3 - days


1100 EUR



Aviation Security (Avsec) Trainer course


Aviation Security Training course is designed for Aviation Security Trainers and Aviation Security Managers to reach a high level of security knowledge and skills. The course will help to to be able to develop and perform security - training course and implement new training methodologies:

Duration:            3 days

The course is led by BeSecure Nederlands Training organization.


1. Introduction
- course opening
- participant introduction
- course program and objectives
- history of incidents
- threat and risk assessment
- AVSEC core principles
- new trends
3. Airport Security
- infrastructure
- surveillance
- passenger and baggage screening equipment
- passenger behavioral analysis (profiling)

4. In-flight Security
- cabin checks and searches
- passenger observations
- cockpit door procedures
5. Bomb Threats
- history of incidents
- what’s a bomb
- bomb threat classification
- emergency response
- aircraft bomb searches
- least risk bomb location
- in-flight incident procedures
6. Unruly Passenger
- legislation and regulations
- level of threats
- forms of verbal aggressive behavior
- de-escalation techniques
- pressing charges
- physical aggressive behavior
- restraint techniques
- self defense
7. Hijack Situations
- history of incidents
- recognition of different type of hijackers
- phases of a hijack
- behavioral guidelines and strategies
8. Instructional Techniques

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Course dates

March 03, 2020 Open


Aviation Security (Avsec) Trainer course