"We Care" Service Training

Interactive training based on theory and practical activities. Exchange of experience and knowledge among instructor and participants.

Training is a positive push to find out new techniques, to remind basics of communication and to emphasize the role of effective communication in customer service.

Course Objectives:

After this training participants will be able to:

  • define who are the customers;
  • analyze the main qualities necessary for employees working in customer service industry;
  • name the main communication skills;
  • evaluate the role of first impression in communication;
  • demonstrate the customer oriented and polite language;
  • evaluate the influence of active listening;
  • use questioning techniques;
  • analyze, choose and apply tips for the most effective communication during conflict situations;

Course subjects:

  • Customer service ABC
  • Communication (verbal, non-verbal and intonation)
  • Interaction
  • First impression
  • Empathy
  • Verbal communication (customer friendly language, politeness)
  • Non-verbal communication (appearance, eye contact, smile, posture, gestures)
  • Intonation and manner of speech (speed, loudness, pitch, pauses, accents etc.)
  • Listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • Short anatomy of conflict situations
  • Tips for communication in conflict situations
  • Factors that influence customers’ behavior

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"We Care" Service Training