Basic Human Factors


Basic Human Factors training refers to the effective use of all available resources. These resources are divided into four broad categories - people, machinery, fuel/time and information. CRM is designed to optimize the human/machine interface and accompanying interpersonal activities. These activities include team building and maintenance, information transfer, problem solving, decision making, maintaining situational awareness and dealing with different situations.

Who should attend:

  • Airport managers and coordinators
  • Station managers
  • Airport authority operation managers
  • Ground service provider staff
  • Regulator staff

Course Syllabus:

  1. Human factors in aviation; (Requirements, CRM concepts and introduction, history, )
  2. Communication; (Models, styles, problems, etiquette, Threat recognition & Error Management)
  3. Work load management;
  4. Leadership (Management styles, Teamwork, Situation leadership)
  5. Situational awareness (Understanding and evaluation / shared situational awareness / factors of misleading situational awareness / SA management)
  6. Decision making: (How decisions are made, barriers in effective decision making, decision making models, situative decision making);
  7. Fatigue and Risk management;


8 - Hours

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Basic Human Factors