Flight Dispatch Trainings

airBaltic OCC integrates the team of professionals with broad knowledge and significant experience in aviation into an entity that controls and oversees all airBaltic operational activity 24 hours a day, with the goal being safe and punctual flight operations at a minimum possible cost. Each of the team members specializes in their own specific field of expertise: aircraft maintenance, flight planning, operational control, crew planning and ground handling.

 All airBaltic flight dispatchers are FAA licensed professionals with years of on-the-job experience of flight planning for their own and various other airlines. Apart from generating operational and ATC flight plans and management of other flight planning related activities, responsibilities of the AirBaltic Flight Dispatch Unit also include pre-flight preparation such as aircraft scheduling, management of airport slots and CAA permissions up to 72 hours prior to carrying out the operations, maintaining a constant flight watch to provide a thorough and prompt operational support as well as performance of post flight analysis to optimize operational expenses, all done by means of top-of-the-line IT technology.

We, as the OCC of airBaltic, have the advantage of understanding the nuances of flight operations first hand, being that we have had more than a decade of perfecting efficiency of our methods, procedures and teamwork, running daily flight operations of one of the leading airlines in its region and arguably one of the leading European airlines in its class, period. Our clients are guaranteed high standards of flight planning, flight support services and consistent  training program.