Psychological Assessment for Airline Pilots


“Psychological Assessment for Airline Pilots” is performed by a highly qualified and certified Aviation Psychologist.

Pilots work is exciting and challenging, but also carries a lot of responsibility, demands a lot of concentration and is mentally tiring. Pilots duties could vary slightly, depending on the organization pilot work for, but would typically include: elevated professional standards (elevated mental capacity, elevated personality requirements).

During the assessment the psychologist is evaluating how effective, professional, stress resistant the pilot could be in normal and in high risk situations? Are there any obvious, potential or hidden risk factors – either in  cognitive abilities or in the personality? (If deemed necessary by the company, any addiitonal factors could be evaluated).

Total duration: 2 days

Day 1

1. Computerised Assessment: 5 hours

  • Expert System Aviation ability tests  
  • Vienna Test System

2. Specialized psychological questionnaire: 1 hour

Day 2

1. Psychological MMPI-2 test: 3 hours

  • 370 "true or false" questions
  • dictionary may be used
  • results processed by software

2. Interview with psychologist: 3 hours

  • further aptitude tests
  • additional personality tests
  • discussions

3. Feedback session with psychologist: 1 hour

  • presenting of results
  • test summaries
  • recommendations
  • comments

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Psychological Assessment for Airline Pilots