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March 12, 2019


6-8 days


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Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) Course - Combined


airBaltic Training provides two types of Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) courses: Modular (Full, Independent) and Combined (Integrated into B737 Type Rating course).

The training is being performed by qualified instructors with serious experience working as active pilots in airBaltic.

Equipment involved: Boeing 737 FFS or Boeing 737 FBS (with motion or without motion).

Course prerequisites (for EASA and EU national licences)*:

  • Valid Pilot (airplane) issued by EU member state*;
  • Valid 1st class Medical Certificate;
  • Valid multi-engine instrument rating (ME IR (A));
  • Have the minimum flying experience of total 70 hours PIC
  • Hold a certificate issued in accordance with FCL.055 or license endorsement of at least Level 4 English 
  • Have passed the ATPL (A) Theoretical knowledge Examination in accordance with FCL.515;

NOTE: Trainee for Combined MCC training shall comply with respective Type Rating Course Pre-Entry requirements.

*For other licences - according to national regulations. 

Course content (Combined):

1. Theoretical Ground Course
Duration: 4 days (25 hours), including exam
Location: airBaltic Training centre, Riga

2. Flight (FBS) Training
Duration: 2 sessions (10 hours), including Test
Location: airBaltic Training centre, Riga

By course completion an applicant shall be familliar with general principles of multi-crew environment. CRM / TEM principles are applied as integral part of multi-crew cooperation module. Applican shall be able to identify threats and possible error producing conditions during multi-crew operations.

According to customer's requirements special SOPs can be implemented into training process instead of generic ones.


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Course dates

March 12, 2019


Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) Course - Combined