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September 17, 2019


2 days


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Crew Resource Management Training

General Information:

Initial CRM for Pilots Course is based on requirements and recommendations of EU-OPS 1.943 and EASA AGM, TGL44, AMC 1.943.

Initial CRM for Pilots Course is designed to provide knowledge of, and familiarity with, human factors relevant to flight operations. It reflects the scale and scope of the operation together with associated operating procedures and areas of operation which produce particular difficulties or involve adverse climatic conditions and any unusual hazards.

Operator is fully responsible that the content of course provided meets his operational requirements.


The course is applicable to the flight crew members who:

  • have not previously completed initial CRM training;
  • have not previously been trained in human factors.


By the end of training the flight crew member shall be able to:

  • understand the major CRM elements and effectively utilize all available resources;
  • by enhanced communication and management skills to achieve a safe and efficient operation.


1. Safety Statistics (overview)
2. Human error and reliability
3. Safety culture, SOP’s, organisational factors
4. Stress and fatigue
5. Situation awareness, information acquisition and processing
6. Workload management
7. Decision making
8. Communication / co-ordination (inside and outside the cockpit)
9. Leadership and team behaviour synergy
10. Automation and philosophy of the use of automation
11. Specific type-related differences
12. Case based studies


12 Hours

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Course dates

September 17, 2019 Open
October 17, 2019 Open
November 14, 2019 Open


Crew Resource Management Training