Passenger Handling (including PRM)


The goal of this training is to enable cabin crew members to competently carry out relevant tasks assigned to them during normal day-to-day operations and actively contribute to a safe operation. The training includes the management of the cabin environment, the operation of equipment and aircraft systems relevant to cabin crew duties, management of, and assistance to passengers, and coordination with flight crew, ground crew, and other cabin crew.

Training method:

Classroom training and practical training


8 hours


After this module the student will:

  • Explain the importance of correct seat allocation with reference to aircraft mass and balance;
  • Define special categories of passengers and explain the necessity of seating able bodied passengers adjacent to unsupervised exits;
  • State rules covering the safe stowage of cabin baggage and cabin service items and the risk  of it becoming a hazard to occupants of the passenger cabin or otherwise obstruction or damaging emergency equipment or exits;
  • Recall advise on the recognition and management of passengers who are, or become, intoxicated with alcohol or are under the influence of drugs or are aggressive;
  • List precautions to be taken when live animals are carried in the passenger cabin;
  • Describe duties to be taken in the event of encountering turbulence including securing of the cabin;
  • Distinguish effective methods used to motivate passengers and the crowd control necessary to expedite an emergency evacuation;
  • Explain disability-equality and demonstrate disability awareness.

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Passenger Handling (including PRM)