Discipline and responsibilities

After completion of this course the student will know:

  • The importance of cabin crew performing their duties and the importance of ensuring that relevant documents and manuals are kept up-to-date with amendments provided by the operator;
  • Will have continuous competence and fitness to operate as a cabin crew member with special regard to flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements.
  • Will have an awareness of the aviation regulations relating to cabin crew and the role of the authority.
  • Necessity of pre-flight briefing of cabin crew and the provision of safety information with regards of their specific duties;
  • Will have general knowledge of relevant aviation terminology, theory of flight, fundamentals of an aircraft, passenger distribution, meteorology and areas of operation.
  • The importance of identifying when cabin crew members have the authority and responsibility to initiate an evacuation and other emergency procedures
  • The importance of safety duties and responsibilities and the need to respond promptly and effectively to emergency situations.


Training consists of theoretical education and practical exercises with setup and main points as:

  • General aircraft information, aerodynamics, engines, power systems, landing gear, APU, fuel, fire protection, ice protection, air conditioning and pressurization, cargo compartments, meteorology.
  • Aviation authorities and regulations;
  • Crew health precautions, fit for flight;
  • Importance of up-dated manuals and relevant documents;
  • Flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements; 
  • Pre-flight briefing, safety information;
  • Emergency situations, emergency procedures and responsibilities;
  • Evacuation procedures, crowd control techniques, inside and outside of an aircraft;
  • Emergency and safety equipment.

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Discipline and responsibilities