Cabin Crew Recurrent Training

Cabin Crew Recurrent Training

Cabin crew recurrent training syllabuses are developed in accordance with ORO.CC.140 and
AMC1.ORO.CC.140 and training and checking programs and related documentation in
accordance with ORO.CC.115.

Cabin crew recurrent training course compresses theoretical training and practical exercises
on a representative training device or on the actual aircraft as well as hands on emergency
and safety equipment training.

Every 12 calendar months recurrent course covers the following aircraft type and company specific training elements:

  • Emergency procedures including pilot incapacitation;
  • Evacuation procedures including crowd control techniques;
  • Touch-drills by each cabin crew member for opening normal and emergency exitsfor passenger evacuation;
  • The location and handling of emergency equipment installed or carried on board,and the donning by each cabin crew member of lifejackets, portable oxygen and protective breathing equipment (PBE);
  • Aero-medical aspects and first-aid, first-aid kits, their contents and emergency medical equipment;
  • Disability-equality and disability-awareness to provide special assistance to peoplewith disabilities in normal day-to-day operations and non-normal, emergency situations;
  • Stowage of articles in the passenger cabin;
  • Security procedures;
  • Incident and accident review;
  • Awareness of the effects of surface contamination and the need to inform the flight crew of any observed surface contamination;
  • Crew resource management 

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Cabin Crew Recurrent Training