Frequently Asked Questions

Type Rating

Typical Type Rating schedule is as follows:

  • Ground Training: 10 days (first 8 days can be done remotely from home)
  • Cockpit Mock-up training: 3 days
  • FFS Training: 10 days
  • Aircraft Training: 1 day

Of course, you have to have enough days-off in between. Usually we suggest planning 4-5 weeks for the basic course or 5-6 weeks for the course with integrated MCC.

We can always develop customized solution for each crew.

Start of Boeing 737 Type Rating courses is planned each Monday.

Start of B757, Q400 or F50 Type Rating is planned in average once per month.

Start of Modular MCC is planned in average once per month on first Monday of the month.

Still, we can always develop a customized schedule with start date depending on customer demands (one crew).


Important issue is that Type Ratings start with 8 days of CBT which customer can do either in training centre or remotely from home.

Yes, TRTO has JAA Approval for Type Rating programs.

Ground School

First 8 days of Ground School student can do either from home via internet or here in training centre. Last 2 days (aircraft performance and test) are mandatory to be performed in Riga

Cockpit Mock-up training

Performed in airBaltic Training centre in Riga

Full Flight Simulator

B737 Classic simulator is located in airBaltic Training centre, Riga
B737 NG simulator is located in Copenhagen, Stockholm or Berlin
Q400 simulator is located in Stockholm, Vienna or Exeter
B757 simulator is located in Copenhagen or Helsinki
F50 simulator is located in Stockholm or Amsterdam

We bring our students to external simulator location and back free of charge on airBaltic flights.

Aircraft Training

Aircraft training is being performed in Riga International Airport

You need to have Base Training (or often called Aircraft Training) at the end of type rating trainings to be able to endorse your rating on the license. According to EASA regulations Base Training normally has to be performed within 60 days from the Skill Test date. With additional refresher training period can be extended, but not more than 6 months from the Skill test date.

Base Training is usually performed at Riga International Airport on airBaltic aircrafts. Your friends and relatives can watch this exiting event right from the cafeteria located on the balcony of training centre.

Thanks to having enough resources when it comes to aircraft and instructors, we are able to arrange the Base Training immediately after Skill Test. The only thing we can not impact yet is the weather. Still, until now the longest period that a student has had to wait for suitable weather conditions, has been 3 days.

Acquiring of Type Rating in our training centre in no way guarantees a position at airBaltic, although it is considered  an advantage. We usually involve airBaltic Pilot Recruitment department and students do all the assessments here in training centre during the Type Rating course.  Of course, we are doing our best to find job opportunities for our graduates not only at airBaltic, but also with various other partner airlines.

Please note: we do not provide a package of "Type Rating + Line Training" on Boeing 737. Line Training is often offered to successful graduates of our Type Rating programs, but only depending on their performance level as well as on the need of airBaltic for extra First Officers at that particular time.

Just to clarify: the possibility of Line Training cannot be guaranteed at any stage of the training. Our core product is high quality Type Rating, but Line Training is an additional bonus that might be offered to best students upon availability.

For Type Rating revalidation only two hours of Proficiency Check are needed. We can organize it very quickly at any time suitable for you.

The length and syllabus of Line Training Renewal  depend on requirements of the Licensing Authority. We suggest contacting your Civil Aviation Administration in advance to find out exact required program.

Cabin Crew Initial Trainings

Intensive course duration: 9 - 14 days (09:00 - 18:00)

Covered subjects:

  • Presentation & Introduction
  • Discipline and Responsibilities
  • Passenger Handling
  • Dangerous Goods training
  • Security training
  • Medical aspects and First Aid
  • Survival training
  • Water Survival
  • Fire and Smoke training
  • Crew Resource Management and Human Factor
  • Communication

Minimum requirements are:

  • Minimum age 18
  • Fluency in English
  • Ability to swim

Advantages of airBaltic Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training:

  • Experienced cabin crew instructors
  • Cabin Crew interview at airBaltic
  • Cabin crew recruitment information from preferred airBalticTraining partners Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia etc.

Acquiring Cabin Crew Initial Safety certificate in our training centre in no way guaranties a position in airBaltic airlines, although it is considered as an advantage. We usually involve airBaltic Recruitment department and all successfull students are invited as candidates of nearest cabin crew recruitment. Of course, we are doing our best to find a job opportunities for our graduates not only in airBaltic, but also in different other partner airlines.

Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training is developed and performed according to EU-OPS regulations and is recognized in all EU countries.

There might be additional reqiurements in different airlines.

All course is performed in airBaltic Training centre in Riga except 1/2 day training at swimming pool within 20 minutes drive from training center.

Riga - flights, accommodation etc.

There are a bit more than 80 direct destinations from Riga International Airport and airBaltic serves around 60 of them.

More precise information You can always find on Riga International Airport webpage.

Depending on ordered service we provide our customers either with free or discounted tickets on airBaltic flights to/from trainings.

You can always find current airBaltic flight schedule here.

Please contact our sales and planning teams for exact solution.

We have special discounted deals with a big number of Riga hotels. In our offer curve You can find, for example:

  • premium 4-star hotel in Riga city centre with included daily transportation to/from Training centre (Single: EUR 45, Twin: EUR 57)
  • good quality 3-star hotel in Riga city centre with included daily transportation to/from Training centre (Single: EUR 35, Twin: EUR 40)
  • simple hotel near airport without transportation for just EUR 300 per month
  • several good apartment offers in city centre without transportation for around EUR 400 - EUR 700 per month.

Please ask our sales and planning departments for exact offers.

Eight hundred years have shaped the city’s unique appearance and rich traditions. Due to its geographical location on the Baltic Sea (where East meets West), Riga has been for centuries an important centre of trade, finance and culture. Many nations have given life and work to Riga, from local Livs and Latvians to the Germans, Swedes, Russians and Poles who came to call Riga home.

On the surface, there’s enough Art Nouveau architecture to make your mouth water and, to be sure, Riga belongs to the cultural space of Western Europe. The dynamic and diverse music scene is as typical as the smattering of arts events that pop up all over the map. For Riga has an ever evolving creative atmosphere that has long breathed inspiration into composers, poets and artists.

Yet even the simplest of things in Riga is a gift – a stroll alone in one of its green parks or meeting new friends at one of Riga’s many cosy pubs, cafes, restaurants or night clubs.

White sandy beaches and the blue grey beauty of the Baltic Sea? Just outside Riga lies the resort city of Jurmala, where a wealth of recreation activities, seaside restaurants and stretches of white dunes make for a totally relaxing excursion beyond the city’s gates.

More information on what do in Riga You can find here.

Trainings for Business Aviation

In January 2012 airBaltic Training introduced new model of training, consisting of blocks specially designed to cover the needs of Business Aviation. All topics are developed according to EU-OPS and ICAO requirements are conveniently planned in simple modules allowing  pilots and cabin crew members easily and quickly to obtain most of needed annual trainings in less than one week and (what is the most important) in one location.

Student can choose whether to take the full 5 day program or just a few topics. In case of taking the full program, extra discounts apply.

Trainings are scheduled for all year starting on the 3rd Monday of each month.